An Agricultural Movement for People-to-People Reparations Puts Itself on the Map

Soul Fire Farm has a program designed to impart ecologically-restorative farming techniques to people of color.
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This is amazing and frankly, its inspiring.

It has become apparent that under the establishment corporate governance, people’s basic human rights are of least concern to politicians. This leaves people to have little choice but to work together and find ways to provide for one another,or many will suffer.

It would be wonderful for more communities to reproduce this model- everyone needs to eat and all deserve access to healthy,real foods!

Resistance is fertile!!


Author: MedusaBotanica

Semi feral Earth resident,mother of sons, indigo child, writer,lover, caretaker of creatures great and small, student in ethnobotany, wild edible foraging, and general plant medicine,decent cook(preferably vegan), ex Catholic,anarchist of many colors, bibliophile,line stepper, rule breaker, machine dismantler ,frontline fighter for the liberation of planet and its inhabitants, energy empath,indigenous spirit , accidental astral traveler, and defacto pagan. A crockpot of fun.

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